Natives Against Racism

Rescue Workers of City of Chicago on Facebook involved 600

2009 - 600 on facebook

1.    Christie Drozd Zdzinicki (Chicago IL) Creator (account invisible)
2.    Ben Hansen (Chicago IL) SCHFD 1999-ish (account invisible)
3.    Bobbie Heft Eggert (Chicago IL) *
4.    Augie Bamonti *
5.    Dave Boersema *
6.    Jennifer Thomas Fortson *
7.    Caryn Muirhead *
8.    Robert Wesselhoff *
9.    Michele Heldt *
10.  Jeff Petschinsky *
11.  Daniel McNicholas *
12.  Sylvia Wiley *
13.  Shawnacy Smolinski Yager *
14.  Kevin Collinge *
15.  Janell Krueger *
16.  Tracy Bovenizer Goetz (Chicago IL) *
17.  Josh Giovenco (Chicago IL) *
18.  Robert Morrin (Chicago IL) *
19.  Bill Goetz (Chicago IL) *
20.  Jason Strayer
21.  Karl Wexelberg (Chicago IL)
22.  Erika Leader
23.  Corney Poulos Burzinski (Chicago IL)
24.  Becky Soloman Kurtyak
25.  Rachel Ruel (Chicago IL)
26.  Chris Weber (Chicago IL)
27.  Jay Ruffner (Chicago IL)
28.  Heather Linehan (Chicago IL)
29.  Brian Johnson (Chicago IL)
30.  Chris Soderlund (Chicago IL)
31.  Wayne VanBeveren (Joliet Junior College)
32.  Chris Howe
33.  Glenn Van Sipma (Benedictine IL)
34.  Howard Wahl
35.  Kim Roman
36.  Trish Anderson-melnick (Chicago IL)
37.  Pam Enright
38.  Rich Banske
39.  Brendan Connors
40.  Tod Kamleiter
41.  Mike Opitz (Chicago IL)
42.  Thomas A. Collins (Chicago IL)
43.  John Jack Shanahan
44.  Richard Biehl
45.  Lisa Krupa Pazdur
46.  James Molloy
47.  Tom Holz Tucson AZ
48.  Keith Vallow
48.  Ben Hanson EMT
49.  Bill Towler EMT
50.  Jocelyn Ran  EMT
51.  Michael Layman EMT
52.  Maria Naumenko Layman ( described herself as a Nurse..and was the first post on the site that revealed CC's whole name, Christopher Cornstalk)
53.  Sara Venkus Cirelli
54.  Jeff Schoeling
55.  Barbara Perduto - Dispatcher
56.  Matt Schimanski
57.  Kathryn Jurczak Goodin
58.  Patricia Newby
59.  Michael McLaughlin - Ambulance 217
60.  Lon C. Cogley

61.  Daniel McNicholas Profile Pix Patient

*With open accounts on facebook who have not deleted them for abusing the privacy of Mr. Cornstalk. 
If you are a facebook user go to these accounts and report them individually
Some of these people are changing their facebook names as we speak and we have only searched the top 20.

At least 7 people posted pictures without Mr. Cornstalks permission, and in facebook policy it is clearly stated that the ACCOUNT will be deleted if a user posts a photo violating the privacy rights of another individual or uses someone's image inappropriately.  Mr. Cornstalk is deceased, and yet all 48 of these users violated his rights and remain online on facebook. 

Only one Facebook account has been deleted and that is the Newspaper that broke the story that many native activists were already working on.  The above site "Did You Know This Alcoholic Indian?" was closed, only one protesting account on record as being deleted - punished for this offense for fighting to get the word out about Chicago Rescue Workers who used Christopher Cornstalks photo apparently without any consequences.
Chicago Fire/EMS to receive sensitivity training after racist remarks  2007

By Fran Spielman
Chicago Sun Times
Copyright 2007 Chicago Sun-Times, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

CHICAGO — Three years after racist transmissions over fire radio reopened decades-old wounds in the Chicago Fire Department, the city's 5,000 firefighters and paramedics will be required to undergo three hours of sensitivity training.

The $400,000 contract with Bonner Group LLC calls for rank-and-file employees to be removed from service in groups of 25 for on-the-job sessions that mirror the in-service training they do to keep pace with the latest firefighting techniques.

Fire Department brass have already gone through sensitivity training that includes role-playing and education about the customs of various ethnic and racial groups. The new initiative marks the first time that Fire Commissioner Ray Orozco has extended the mandate to the rank and file.

"The commissioner has been wanting to do this for some time. It's part of his mission. When you put the uniform on, you have to represent the city and the Fire Department without bias," said Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford.

He noted that there have been no major incidents of racial intolerance in the Fire Department since the fire radio transmissions of 2004 hastened Cortez Trotter;s appointment as Chicago's first African-American fire commissioner.

But, he said, "We don't have to wait for something bad to happen before we do something that should be done. This diversity training should help people shed any biases or misconceptions they have while educating department members to the differences of the various people who make up our city."

In 1999, a $410,000 study by TriData Inc. portrayed the Chicago Fire Department as an "old boys' network" that divided employees between black and white, strikers and non-strikers and firefighters and paramedics.

The raucous 1990 retirement party at Engine 100 — videotape shows firefighters drinking, using racial slurs and exposing themselves — was the most publicized example of racial intolerance. But there were others.A black firefighter assigned to a predominantly white firehouse had a swastika painted on his locker. And a Native American firefighter was the subject of a vicious campaign of physical and verbal abuse.