Natives Against Racism

Contact Chicago Officials and Voice Your Outrage!

City of Chicago's Website you can directly e-mail the mayor and city staff.

Mayor of Chicago Illinois - Richard M. Daly
 Office of the Mayor City Hall
121 N. LaSalle, Room 507
Chicago, IL 60602  
Facsimile: 312-744-8045

Richard Rosatto

Will Knight, Commander

His number  312-745-4215 


John W Brooks is the Fire Commissioner for Chicago IL
For Operations we have Eugene Ryan, who is the deputy fire commissioner
Administrative Services is Leslie Noy, deputy fire commissioner

And Employee Relations is Derrick Jackson, Deputy Fire Commissioner

Chicago Firefighter Union (Maybe they need directing to the site to) is:

Chicago Fire Fighters Union 440 W. 43rd St. Chicago, IL 60609   773-536-0450


Alderman Manuel Flores
Office: 2058 N. Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647


Chicago Tribune


Chicago Sun Times: Editor in Chief:


The Daily Herald


Instead of making a NATIVE your pet, mascot or novelty patient
Chicago doesn't have treatment for Native Americans seeking recovery...
Demand that HONOR of Christopher Cornstalk
would be instituting programs that promote the health and well-being
for natives and everyone suffering from a disease like alcohol.

  • Purification Ceremony (Sweat Lodge) - 12 steps in 4 rounds
  • Talking Circle - whenever requested.
  • Red Road videos and discussion.
  • Cultural assessment first week of treatment.
  • Individual sessions with a cultural advisor.
  • Event to honor completion of treatment.
  • Song and prayer when one is having a hard time because of feelings due to death or loss.
  • Encouragement to work the program with other Natives
  • Cultural lectures by Native Activists and Speakers.


This site has been created to alert the public to this disgusting case of patient confidentiality breech and racism towards a homeless Native American man who passed away in 2006.
These people have displayed severe unprofessionalism, and since they are people who hold a position of "trust", ie: Doctors, Paramedics, Firefighters, etc. it is simply NOT good enough and will not be ignored.

Facebook has taken steps to close down the accounts of those speaking up about this.
Those in power are shrugging their shoulders and claiming there's no proof city rescue workers were involved.
So now it is up to us, and it's time to take a stand.

Please read through this site, view the evidence, contact people, and circulate this link.

Contact your local media and if you receive a response from anyone or publish this,
please send coverage to be posted to this site.



And Remember DOCUMENT THEN REPORT! If facebook activists hadn't taken pictures facebook would have pulled this and we'd have no evidence and the City would deny it happened, like they are right now.

Thank you.

You can contact  for further information